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My Growing Media Empire

March 21, 2012

Yesterday, after about a month and a half of blogging, I hit the 5,000 page-view milestone. Thanks for reading. And thanks to my commenters: I’m amazed by the quality of the responses I’ve had—just check out this post.

*     *     *

I come across lots of interesting items, but it would be an irresponsible use of time to blog about all of them. I wouldn’t want to clutter up this space with brief items and links, either. So (inspired by In Bona Fide) I’ve decided to launch Happolati’s Miscellany, which will feature precisely such things.

I would be happy to have other contributors for that site. If you’re interested, and think your interests might complement my own, then get in touch:

*     *     *

I started this blog in part because I needed something stimulating to engage with from day to day. I’ve been job hunting for a while in my newly adopted city of Toronto, and it’s gone much less well than I’d hoped. It seems I’m both over-qualified and under-qualified for everything—I have too much education and not enough job training. This is particularly frustrating since I know I could do an excellent job of just about anything. I can fairly claim a first-rate analytical mind and excellent verbal skills, and what I don’t know I learn quickly. And I’m not a weirdo! Surely, then, I could make a great contribution to any firm, if only they would give me a chance!

If this were a normal post, I would give my (extremely uncomplimentary) view of HR departments. Perhaps I will, on another occasion. This time I’m just going to ask my generous readers whether they know of work that might be suitable. Something involving writing or editing, perhaps? Either in Toronto or that could be done at a distance? If so, let me know, and you’ll have my eternal gratitude. I promise I’ll keep blogging regardless.

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