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Intermarriage Means Racial Stratification

February 17, 2012

The Pew Research Center has released a study on The Rise of Intermarriage. The dynamics are more or less what the HBD-aware reader will expect. For example:

Gender patterns in intermarriage vary widely. About 24% of all black male newlyweds in 2010 married outside their race, compared with just 9% of black female newlyweds. Among Asians, the gender pattern runs the other way. About 36% of Asian female newlyweds married outside their race in 2010, compared with just 17% of Asian male newlyweds. Intermarriage rates among white and Hispanic newlyweds do not vary by gender.

The ‘rise’ part in the title is because fully 15% of American marriages in 2010 were inter-racial marriages. Now when people think about inter-marriage, they often think that one day we’ll all just be some shade of brown. As Brazil shows, that’s not how things work at all. In fact the study usefully illustrates the point I’ve made before: that the future of a diverse America is an increasingly racially stratified America. Skarphedin, briefly reviewing the results on race and status, notes that

not only is there a clear racial hierarchy in terms of education and earnings, but the interracial marriages have a similar hierarchy…. While asian-asian marriages have higher levels of both spouses having college education than white-asian marriages, white-asian marriages earn more; also, white male/black female marriages make slightly more than the white-white average, but white female/black male, make significantly less.

Remembering that the white female/black male is much more common than white male/black female, the result is this: a bunch of smart whites marry Asians, and a bunch of dumb whites marry blacks. Eventually, the top strata of society will be composed of Jews along with many whites and Asians; the bottom strata will be largely black and hispanic, and in between you’ll have something like Asian > white > mulatto or hispanic, with a lot of overlap.

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