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Cheating in China

February 6, 2012

Further to our comments about Chinese morality, we note an article on Chinese education in the New York Times:

Zinch China, a consulting company that advises American colleges and universities about China, published a report last year that found cheating on college applications to be “pervasive in China, driven by hyper-competitive parents and aggressive agents.’’

From the survey’s introduction: “Our research indicates that 90 percent of recommendation letters are fake, 70 percent of essays are not written by the applicant, and 50 percent of high school transcripts are falsified.’’

Chinese parents demand success, but aren’t fussy about how it’s achieved.

There are plenty of essay mills in North America these days. I’m curious about the demographics of their clients.

*     *     *

Once as a TA I had a Chinese student give me a paper that he obviously hadn’t written, but the prof didn’t think it was worth the effort to do anything about it. So the kid got away with it even though we all knew what was going on.

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